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Updated: Jan 14, 2023

This is Emma + Zach

When they told me they wanted to use their wedding venue for the location of their engagement session I was pretty stoked. I think this is a good idea for several reasons.

#1: If the venue lets you have access to the property why not take advantage of that?

This is a great way to really explore more of what the venue has to offer to you as a couple before the big day, it allows you time to make adjustments to the flow of the timeline as well as maybe change the location of the events itself. Once you are able to spend more time looking around you may decide you want to switch things up. At first maybe you were planning on having an inside ceremony but at your engagement session you found a cool pasture down by the lake and you decide you want to have an outdoor ceremony there, thats fine because you have plenty of time to make arrangements.

#2: It allows you to get comfortable with the space

You can imagine how how high your stress levels could be come wedding morning but being familiar with the space will help you feel at ease knowing exactly where everything is located within the venue. You might already have an idea of where you want to hang your dress or what window you want to get ready in front of within your bridal suite. Being able to truly see your vision within the space will ultimately help all of your vendors create the perfect day for you and your dreams.

#3: It could save you time on the big day

Wedding days are fast paced and sometimes hectic. In this case sometimes areas of the venue might be overlooked. You might only have time to do photos in one area. For instance, at this venue The Aquila Barn you have so many options to choose from within the 400 acre farm. There is a few lakes on the property, one having a boat that you can take out. There is a chapel, the big barn and lots of pastures you can ride to on their hay ride. In my opinion having already been to the venue as a couple allows you to really focus on which locations are on the MUST HAVE list for photos come the big day. You don't have to waste your time worrying about what every place on the property might look like. You will already have a good idea in your mind of what you want and how it will look. You might not be able to squeeze every part of the property in on a wedding day but being able to photograph there twice will definitely allow for a ton of variety within your gallery.

Reminder: your engagement photos will be the most used images throughout your wedding journey until you tie the knot... so why not give your friends and family a sneak peek of what to expect?


Venue: The Aquila Barn

Location: Moscow Mills, MO

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